So, there I was at SmallAlien.com where everything was indeed small and alien. A bunch of ones and zeroes encoded in a mind-bogglingly small space but containing vast amounts of information transmitted at blinding speed. There were songs and videos made of these ones and zeroes and a screen was transforming some of the ones and zeroes into light and projecting it at my eyeballs and into my brain and there were also speakers that turned the other ones and zeroes into sounds which vibrated into my ears and into my brain and it all make some kind of crazy sense and I fell to my knees and began weeping and crying out to God!

Well, that is what is happening right here, right now at SmallAlien.com. Maybe you’ll weep, maybe you won’t. Regardless, please enjoy the music either through the in-site player or download it for free through that same player and listen to it at your leisure on your favorite tiny shiny device. The videos are here for your viewing pleasure. My friend Greg made them as something for your eyes to do while you listen to the songs and I believe he has succeeded. Also, some of Greg’s original art and video combined with my original music is here. If you’re moved to do so, you can contact me here. I hope you enjoy my music. Many wonderful people helped me make it.

Namaste – the small one